Gutierrez: Yes, I Am A Big Advocate For Arts Education And Would Be Proud To Have A Performing Arts Center In Our Community.

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They cater to high school and college students as well as adults looking to find a career locally in the medical and construction fields. Not only does it provide good paying jobs for locals, but it is an economic driver for the city with the amount of out-of-town students using the facilities. With 50 percent of retail space in downtown Smithville vacant, perhaps the school board can partner with the city and find a college that may want to come to town. Austin Community College has been seeking a Bastrop campus for several years but voters have turned them down. Perhaps Smithville can start some negotiations and we can kick the tires on this idea. Do you support more arts education in the schools, including a new performing arts center? Gutierrez: Yes, I am a big advocate for arts education and would be proud to have a performing arts center in our community. The arts and liberal arts play a significant role in the education of our students and their ability to be successful. I will be supportive of a performing arts center when the timing is right.

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